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15th Annual Trashman & YS Classic Warbird Race

Event Details
Rules and Scoring: SAM
Contest Director: JR Schiager
Location: Sacramento
Dates September 12 - 13, 2020
Registration Date July 25, 2020
Event Details
2017 SAM Warbird Rules Apply
MUST have proof of Current AMA

Only allow a pilot to enter 2 classes. (Example: Bronze and Silver, Silver and Gold BUT CANNOT enter Bronze and Gold)

Limited to 80 Total Entries (may vary to fill matrix)
Bronze is Limited to 25 Total Entries

If the limits are filled and you have not registered, please contact me directly.

If you cannot make the race, please respect other pilots and take yourself of the list.


Saturday - 7:15 am – Check in Closes (If you do not check in, you do not race)
7:30 am – Run Up stands open for run up (cannot fly)
8:00 am – Practice Flying Open
8:20 am – Flying and Run Up Stands Closed
8:30 am – Pilots Meeting
9:00 am – Races (3 Heats)
4:30 pm - (Estimated Time) Races over and field open to for pilots and workers

Sunday - 7:30 am – Run Up stands open for run up (cannot fly)
8:00 am – Practice Flying Open
8:15 am – Flying and Run Up Stands Closed
8:20 am – Silver & Gold Pilots Meeting
8:40 am – Races (2 Heats and Mains)
3:00 pm – (Estimated Time) Award Ceremony and Raffle giveaways.

Go to www.sacramentoareamodelers.com for Rules

Entry Fees:
Bronze - $40.00
Silver - $50.00
Gold - $60.00

Each entry price includes practice, racing for the weekend and $10.00 goes to the end of year SAM Warbird Series Purse.

Cash and Checks are accepted, sorry no credit cards

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (916) 705-7778
Location Details
11000 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95830

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and Tents Welcomed

Regular trailers are welcomed
(Can be parked in the parking lot next to the covered pits)

Generators are allowed but must be turned off by 10:00 pm

Please bring a table, extension cord, and canopy in the case the pit tables are full.

Extra pitting will be allowed in the parking lot next to the pit tables.

Gold (2)

Douglas KillebrewRosamond,
Scott BakerRosamond,


Rob WatkinsRoseville,
Russ NicholsCameron Park,


Russ NicholsCameron Park,