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Pilot Listings

Pilot Listings!







Los Angeles, CA


Akse Gaspari

Sun valley ,  CA

World models Vendetta

Allan Mollyhorn

Glendale, AZ

Great Planes P51 Silver

World Models T34

Allen Annett

Gardnerville, NV

Rarebear Green & White

P51 Red, White and Blue. Blue bottom

andre primeau

Red Bluff, CA

KI61 White Strip


Andrew Ashby

T34 Red White Large star on wing

Andy McBride

Norco, CA

T-34 White and Orange

Austin Shaw

Rare Bear Purple Orange #77

Ben McBride

Chino, CA

Vendetta, White, Green tail and Orange trim

Strega, Orange, Green tail and white wing with green tips.

T-34, White, Grey and Orange

Bert Mitchell

Cedar City, UT

Billy Malo

Northridge, CA

word models red

Bob Kuntz

Kingman, Az

world models t-34 two color schemes

Bob Schmitz

Fort Mohave, AZ

Silver GP Mustang

Sea Gull Zero, Silver

Brent smith

reseda, CA

Phionex strega

Wm voodoo

Fms strega ele

Chad Davidson

Forest Ranch , CA

World models p-51 Voodoo FZ 115s

Chance Harris

Colfax, Ca

World models Vendetta red and white

Chris Mcbride

Marysville, Ca

dan duffy

burbank, ca

vendetta ys115

Dan Jensen

Redding, Ca

Purple mystang

Daniel Coe

Woodland Hills, CA

Vendetta White Fuse Chrome and red wingtips

Vendetta White Fuse Chrome and Blue wingtips

Dave Goesch

Modesto, California

Spitfire Yellow Black Checkerboard

T34 White Orange Checkers

Dave Sullivan

Sacramento , CA.

Red and White Spitfire

All White Spitfire

David Bettencourt

Denair, CA

T34 White Orange Green Canopy

david lloyd

mission hills, ca

world models vendetta orange white blue

WM Vendetta ys115, orange and white & Blue

David lloyd

mission hills, CA

WM Vendetta ys115, orange and white

Douglas Killebrew

ROSAMOND, California

Spitfire White with red blue trim

Eric Huffman

WM Strega White

WM Srega Scale

Eric Jaggi

P51 Red & White

Gary Prosser

Sacramento, CA

Spitfire Red

Deep ass red spitfire

George Cheso

Marysville, CA

Strega, Red Checkers strips on top, and bottom center

Candyman, Red and White

George Reidenbach

., /

P51 Red White ' black an gold stripes

p51- white , red .blue stripes

spitfire camo - white an black strips

Glen Arthur

Beaumont , Calif.

World Models Strega Red /White

World Models Spitfire Red/ White

Howard Hughes

Hurricane, UT

Phoenix Spitfire

Great Planes Mustang

Jack loop(bud)

North highlands, CA

Strega Black & Neon Green

James Gale

San Jose , California

World Models Spitfire, Red, White and Blue

James Smith

Sacramento, California

P51 Precious Metal, Silver and Green

Jason Vernon

Tsunami Silver Blue

Dago Red

Jeff Montrose

P51 Black & Yellow #17

jeff robinson

f, c

Stilleto white and green

P51 Silver Black Lettering

Jeremy Bettencourt


P51 White. And black with Blue & orange Checkers

Spitfire White with blue bottom

Jeremy Verano

P51 Red & White

Jerry Cunningham

Cameron Park, CA

P51 Vandetta orange blue

Jerry kikkert

Tucson, Az

VQ Models Voodoo Purple & Yellow. / Phoenix Models Strega Red & White

Jerry, Widmer

El Paso, TX

World Models, P-51, Yellow

Jim Fyfe

P51 Strega Red & Whtie

Joe Souza

Elk Grove, California

Vendetta red & white with wing bottom green tip

Joe Zimmerman

P51 White & Red #7

Joe Zimmerman

Turlock, CA

World Models strega

Joel Gooch

875 twin view bvld Redding ca 96003 , 

Bear Cat Blue Fuz yellow wing

John A Gonzalez

Tucson, Arizona

John Gray

Granite Bay, CA

Spitfire Camo Orange bottom

Jon Wilson

Kingman, Az

WM Vendetta white

WM Vendetta red and white

Joseph Skinner

Wheatland, CA

P51 black/yellow checker board

Josh Adams

P51 Black Yellow

JR Schiager

Rancho Cordova, CA

Strega Red White



Larry Barber

Kingman, AZ

World Models Spitfire White, Strega Red

Lee Von Der Hey

Burbank, Ca.

World Models Vendetta. Red, White & Blue

World Models Vendetta. Red, White & Blue

Logan Shaw


P51 Red & White

Loren Shaw


P51 Voodoo

P51 Miss America #11

Mark Sumich

Mountain View, CA

Spitfire red and white

Marty Flood

, UT

Stiletto White with blue/silver tips

Vendetta white with blue/silver tips

Matt Campi

Santa Clara, CA

Red and white strega

T34 Yellow with Purple trim

Matt Van Baren

Goodyear, AZ

World Models, Vendetta, Orange and White

Michael Songer

Rancho Cordova,, Ca

Spitfire black with maroon trim

Micheal Parnell

T-34. Blue On white.

Mick Crawley

San Martin, CA

Stillito White Black Wing

Mike Balog

Tucson, Arizona

Neil Melrose

Turlock, California

T-34 black and white

Ollie Merrill

Sacramento, California

P-39, Olive drab top and Grey bottom — White tail

T34: Blue, white & black

Patrick, Rowland


Great Planes P51 grey

Paul Smith

Golden Valley, AZ

WM strega ,red and white

WM strega, red and white

Randy Dauer

Surprize, AZ

Vendetta Red White

Spitfire Camo strips on wing

Raymond Brindos

Gardenville, NV

P51 Yellow with green trim

Richard Hartwig

Suisun City, CA

T34 White with red tips and tail,

Richard Van Heemst

Tucson, Arizona

A26 Intruder Scratch built

Hyperion P51 Silver

Richard Verano

, Nevada

Vendetta Red & White

Spitfifre Red White

Rick Culver


WM P-51 Mustang, Yellow w/Red trim

Phoenix Models, SBD Dauntless, Blue

Ritchie Thorp

lawndale, California

Vendetta Red/White

Rob Scarkino

Rob Watkins

Roseville, CA

P-51 yellow, black/white checkers

Robert Holik

Woodland, CA

Vendetta White orange tips

Strega Red White

Robert Scarkino

Washington, Utah

Gp sport mustang, & strega

Robert Scott. (Casey)

St George , Utah

Phoenix spitfire

Ron Chunn

Elk Grove, CA

P51 Silver blue bottom

P51 Red Orange bottom

Ron Russell

Sun Valley, Cal

World Models Vendetta white

World Models Red White Blue

Roy Andrassy

Peoria, Arizona

Vendetta, red top, red/white checker on bottom

Strega, orange white top, blue and white on bottom

Russ Nichols

Cameron Park, Ca

World Models, Mustang, yellow and black

World Models, T34, white and blue

Scott Baker

Rosamond, Ca

Spitfire Camouflage

Scott Manning

Nothridge, CA

BS Racing KI-61 Green

Sergio varo

Rocklin, Ca

P51 Black silver bottom

Shannon Widmer

Phoenix , AZ

World Models, Vendetta, White

Shannon, Widmer

Phoenix , Arizona

World Models, Vendetta, White

Stearman Bettencourt


Sptfire White with silver and blue bottom

Steve Brown

Citrus Heights , CA

Spitfire Red

JU87 Stuka Green

Steve Nickerson

Elk Grove, CA

Spitfire black wing and fuse red tail. Israeli markings

Steve Steward

Tucson, Arizona

SPS ModelWorks, Stiletto, Indigo Blue with Yellow trim

Steve Stokes

Orangevale,, CA

Spitfire Red and white red strips on bottom

T34 red & white checkers top red stripes bottom

Terry Yates

Victorville, CA

Tetsuo Yamada


Vendetta Red & White

Stillito Yellow

Tim Sorenson

Elk Grove, CA

Red Baron P-51 / Red fuse, white wing

Todd Ross

Wilton, CA

P51 Blue & Yellow

Tom Gross

Fairfield, CA

Strega, pink/white top, black bottom

P51, Purple / White

Tony Lopez

Phoenix, Arizona

Vendetta Black White Red

P51 Voodoo

Tony Aguila

Sun Valley, CA

Tony Lopez

Phoenix, AZ

Vendetta Custom built,White-red & blk

P-51 Voo Doo

Tony Lopez

Phoenix, Arizona

Vendetta,White-red & blk

P-51 Voo Doo

Tony Lopez

Phoenix, Arizona

Vendetta,White-red & blk

P-51 Voo Doo

Widmer, Jerry

El Paso, TX

World Models, P-51, Yellow

William C Grippo

Bullhead city, Az

World models Strega

Wyatt scott

Tuscon, Arizona

Steve steward stiletto blue and white/ Phoenix model strega red and white

Hangar 9 p-40b green and grey

Zach Ashby

Medesto, CA

T34 Yelllow White blue Red stars


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